Our Subsidiaries

An Exclusive Dealer agreement was signed with SDLG in 2008. Fast forward two years later - SDLG is now the market leader of heavy construction equipment within Libya, both in gross sales and number of units sold. Our record growth is due to a combination of selling an excellent product and standing behind that product with our best in class customer service. All SDLG dealerships and service centers within Libya are owned and operated by Al Rowad Holdings. to ensure the best possible customer experience from pre-sale information requests to post-sale service requirements.

Zwetina Group is the exclusive distributor for Dunlop, Sumitomo, Radar and Gencore Tires. The retail division manages outlets in key automotive distritcs across the nation providing consumers with one of the largest selection of tires, batteries and spare parts in Libya. Our wholesale division operates a nationwide distribution network that supports retailers in nearly every Libyan city. Recognizing a large gap in the availability of quality tools, in 2010 Zwetina Group signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Tosan Professional Tools.

North Africa Shipping Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Rowad Holdings., is Libya's largest freight forwarder with over 25% of the air and sea fright market. With our current expansion in to the North and South American markets we expect this share to rise above 35% within the next 5 years. CMA-CGM, the worlds third largest container shipping company, has notated NASCO as one of their largest freight forwarding agent globally.

Al Rowad Holdings is proud to be the exclusive Libyan agent of Maersk, the worlds largest container shipping company. Since 2003, Maersk has enjoyed record growth in the North African region due to our strategic partnership and looks forward to continued growth in the coming years ahead

As Libya's Exclusive Dunlop authorized dealer we have overseen the introduction of Dunlop into the Libyan market. In the span of a few short years Dunlop now enjoys a 20% market share of the Libyan consumer tire market.

Sumitomo was a completely unknown brand in the Libyan market prior to our exclusive dealership agreement. We are proud to report that Sumitomo now accounts for over 25% of gross sales within the commercial tire market.